lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Ist Blogscom symposium by 20 minutos and Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Today, it has taken place the first Blogscom symposium in Facultad de Ciencias de la Información de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. María del Carmen Pérez de Armiñán pointed the enterprising importance of the event and she said that 20 minutos has a wide social impact. It is printed 700.000 copy and there are 2.200.000 readers every day. Moreover, it is a young newspaper because the ages of the readers range
between 14 to 40. Arsenio Escolar informed that 20 minutos has been working with blogs for six years.

First, Raquel Pérez introduced Miguel Gutiérrez, who commented that blogs are a tool to make the others know how you think. Blog is a space to deal with new issues. Then, Carolina Denia considered that blog is a space for specialized communication. Blogger should know a lot of his issue and write about it with passion in order to contribute to Internet readers and writers’ community. And Juan Castromil pointed that it is necessary to promote the blog, to write thinking in Google’s working and to use all the social networks and tools (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube). In third place, Carlos Rebato commented that blog is made for giving the own opinion and to share it with other people. «Blog is much more than one person writing». The more the blogger express his or her opinions, his blog gets a sense and he or she constructs his or her own identity.

After that, Arsenio Escolar introduced Jesús Flores, who considers that blogs represent media convergence. Blogs have text, photos and videos. Media is copyng element from blogs. For example, now is possible to comment newspapers’ articles. Moreover, blogs allow practicing composition to journalists and writers. People are able to find a job and to produce texts with them. In second place, Óscar López considered that social networks are a social necessity. People need to think in community and technology helps to do it. Social networks help us to cover Maslow necessities. Finally, Daniel Díaz commented that blog permits a wide communication. Blogger is read by very different people and some of them access to the text by ups and downs. Nowadays, immediacy is the most valued element: «The most important is to be the first» to comment about the issues.

In third place, Arsenio Escolar introduced to some member of the jury of the sixth prize 20 Blogs: Ana Pastor, Ignacio Escolar, Álvaro Ibáñez, Ignacio Escolar y Virginia Pérez. There are twenty categories, one jury’s prize, blogger’s prize and best design prize. This edition there is a new category: Salud y Vida sana. Since next Thursday, people will be able to register, since december 23th bloggers would be able to vote and during 13 to 19 of February it will take place 20 Blogs awards.

Then, Virginia Pérez chaired the round table «La credibilidad en los blogs». Julio Alonso commented that we face a social change. Before there were less people writing, but today there are more possibilities to publish. Therefore, there is more information. According to Julio Alonso, we can value blog credibility if we follow its course. However, Ana Pastor relieves it is necessary to know the identity of the blogger to consider the text written. Ignacio Escolar added that credibility depends on commentaries, because they permit to know if there are mistakes. Álvaro Ibáñez recommended that bloggers identify themselves in order that readers could value the perspective. Virginia Pérez concluded that blog credibility depend on openness .

Finally, Arsenio Escolar encourage to all blogger to partipate in 20 Blogs awards.

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