Let's write together

Borges considers that writing: «is a form of happiness». It opens a whole world of possibilities and helps us to grow as human beings. According to Bioy Casares «Writing is adding a new room to our life’s house.»

Human beings need tales to live. What would have become of Bastian, the hung-up kid from The neverending story, without the stories he tells himself? And of course, if it hadn’t been for his writings, José Bastida, from La saga/fuga de J. B., would have always been a poor wretch and he wouldn’t been able to have got Julia to fall in love with him. Stories make our lives richer.

All of us, as happens to Alice, search (either asleep or awake) to give free rein to our imagination, which grows when we share it. If you want to publish, to announce works or take part in the blog; write to us in «Take part» page.

Image of Virginia Woolf from: www.frontiersla.com

Alice adventures in wonderland image from: www.sensacine.com